Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Blog Post (8/12/2007)

Welcome to the first post on this page. First I want to thank all of our clients who allow us to serve and assist them with their investment properties. I too am a Landlord so I speak from experience as a Landlord as well as someone who is dealing with the issues we face each day managing over 2,000 tenants. It is my task and the task of everyone at Prime Properties to assist you to make your experience as a Landlord the best it can be. I will try to post notes here weekly on the issues we confront as Landlords. I will also try to answer questions you would like to see addressed, especially if you feel the questions may be of interest to a broader group of our clients. My first task is to ask you to email me with questions. Please send me an email with your question(s) to KMartin@PrimeProp.com. I will either answer your questions direct or I may post answers here on this web page.

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