Saturday, July 5, 2008

AT&T Moving to Dallas

AT&T announced the relocation of it's corporate HQ from San Antonio to Dallas. This is another confirmation that Dallas is the place to be for business! As the US national economy retrenches you will continue to see major corporations look to find ways to better utilize their resources and the advantages of moving to Texas is one of the things highlighted during each economic slowdown over the past forty years. This move highlights that it is not just important to be in Texas, but it is important where you are in Texas. The DFW metropolitan area is home to over 10,000 corporate headquarters making the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex the largest corporate headquarter concentration in the United States.

AT&T already had 7,000 more employees in Dallas then in San Antonio (~13,000 in Dallas versus ~6,000 in San Antonio), but the importance of Dallas in the national and international business community makes a difference to a firm like AT&T. Additional benefits include a more extensive work force in the telecom industry for AT&T to draw on and the transportation advantages of flying in and out of DFW International Airport (the world's third busiest airport) make the Dallas area an important hub for all things telecom.

Other major firms to move to Dallas recently include the headquarters for Flour (an international construction firm from Irvine, California) and Comerica Bank (from Detroit). The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex continues it's reputation as a headquarters city of choice for Fortune 500 firms. With 25 of the Fortune 500 firms having their headquarters in this area, the list includes oil giant Exxon/Mobil, airlines American and Southwest, retail giant's JC Penney, Blockbuster and Radio Shack and technology giant Texas Instruments. Only the New York and Chicago metropolitan areas have more Fortune 500 firms than the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, but when you count all corporate headquarters, the number of smaller and mid-size corporations make Dallas the king of headquarter cities!

A more complete list of major corporations in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, public and private, is located on wikipedia at:

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