Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watching Out for You in Times of Natural Disaster (and all the rest of the time as well)

Hurricane, fire, flood, tornado, hailstorm. Nobody ever wants to deal with these types of disasters. When these disasters happen they cause great personal anguish and can also damage your personal financial health. Prime Properties is here to assist you when these situations occur. We bring our experience to you, helping put you at ease and at the same time working to protect your financial assets.

Prime Properties has experience and resources which are seldom found in a single place. We currently manage over 2,200 individual residences in six different metropolitan and micropolitan areas. Over our history we have managed over 3,000 individual homes. We deal with tornado's in Oklahoma, hailstorm's in Texas and hurricane's in Louisiana, so when a problem happens it is unlikely we are novices to dealing with that problem.

What does this mean for our clients?

First of all you have someone to ask for immediate direction. We cannot change the weather, but we assist in providing direction on actions you can take to protect yourself and your assets.

Second, we are the feet on the street and the eyes on the situation. Not only do we put our eyes on the property, but we know what to look for because we have experience dealing with crisis. Most people never have a roof destroyed by hail, but it is something we have seasoned experience with simply because of the volume of inventory we manage.

Third, we access an extended group of trusted resources, including insurance consultants and repair professionals. This group of resources are leveraged to your advantage because they are motivated to treat an individual situation with the same care they would provide a valued repeat customer. Many of these extended professionals provide initial support and analysis at no charge to our clients. CNR Insurance ( is one of these trusted resources, they provide guidance even if you are not their client. CNR would prefer to sell you insurance, but even if you are not their customer they support you as a customer of Prime Properties. It is important to you that we access these business partners as they bring their industry specific expertise to layer on top of our expertise as property managers.

If you are a current client with a home in the area affected by Hurricane Gustav we have already sent an email discussing the plan for evaluating the homes we manage and when this task will be completed. It looks like Gustav was not as bad as it could have been, but if the situation was worse, we would send in resources from our other offices to assist our local staff. It is always better if these situations never happen, but when they do occur, all our resources are on your side.

If you have any questions about this or any aspect of rental property ownership, please ask your property manager. Each of our managers have an active portfolio of 150-300 homes and a support team which they use to provide expert guidance on all areas of investment ownership. These resources include repair professionals, lawyers, accountants and experienced professional investors. If your property manager does not have the immediate answer or experience to answer your question, they have easy access to the resources to assist you in making good decisions which will help you meet your goals for your investments.


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