Saturday, May 21, 2011

ONEprop is Going Paperless

ONEprop has entered their 25th year in business and we are celebrating by going paperless!  By the end of 2011 ONEprop will eliminate all distribution of accounting information via the US Mail.  We will do this conversion on a branch by branch basis, working with our clients to ease any issues which may arise.  For the past five years we have made accounting information available on-line, but we have always followed this up with a monthly mailed distribution.  In 2010 we transitioned to a more robust set of tools from Propertyware (a RealPage company) which provides our clients more visibility into their account activity and we now ready to cut the dependance on paper data.

By the end if 2011 the only information mailed to clients (except for special circumstances) will be a clients "Form 1099" and the "End of Year Annual Statement" used for tax reporting.

If any clients have concerns about this new manner of receiving information you can contact me directly at  Our job is to alleviate stress, not to create stress, so I would like to hear from any client where this change may create a problem and I will work very hard to solve any issues this new direction may create.

Thanks again to all our clients for their confidence over the past 25 years, we look forward to continuing to improve our support in the next 25 years.

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