Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storms - In the Aftermath

Last night we were hit by major storms in our Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.  We are fortunate that all our employees are safe.  Last night's storms caused additional loss of life, but thankfully not on the scale of the earlier storms in Missouri and across the Southeast.

ONEprop will begin a process of visiting and inventorying any damage  caused by the recent storms.  When we have storms this vast we call on all available resources, including our vendor/suppliers and all residents.

Because of the quantity of homes to be surveyed please keep in mind the "No news is good news" mindset in order to allow some peace of mind while we go through this process.  Major issues will pop up first and demand to be addressed, but minor issues may take longer to discover and resolve, but by their nature they should also create less worry.

All clients and residents in the affected areas will be receiving direct communications over the days and weeks to follow,  please be patient as we work through these difficult times.

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